Hops Redux: When New York State Was Hoppin' October 30 2014

Checking out this map of U.S. hops production from 1890, it appears that New York was once a pretty happening place for hops.

These days, U.S. hops production is concentrated in the Northwest, and New York isn't seeing much of the action. (According to the Hop Growers of America, who publish thorough statistical reports on such things, about 77% of U.S. hops production in 2013 took place in Washington, with Oregon and Idaho accounting for nearly all the rest.) So what happened?

As it turns out, Prohibition put the kibosh on New York's hops production, with an unfortunate assist from a mildew epidemic, and the Northwest stepped in.

But that may be changing, thanks to a 2012 New York law which created "a Farm Brewery License to Promote Use of Local Ingredients." New York may never return to its hop glory days, but the state is getting hoppier at this very moment!